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SLEEVES member Justice Hill is preparing to release his EP this Fall. Here are two new singles. 



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Experimental Pop band SLEEVES releases new album

Boston, MA. June 10th, 2014 - “There are two mistakes that I’ve made; three if you count that I’m afraid of you…”

Boston based Experimental Pop band SLEEVES has released a collection of beautifully abrasive sonic vignettes titled The Sky Ghost II. With a lyrical narrative invoking the surreal works of authors such as Kobo Abe, T.S.G II is an emotional journey through a labyrinth of alkaline sound. Bridging together the traditions of musique concrète, american folk, and modern electronic music, SLEEVES has crafted a record of extremes: uplifting yet self-destructive, avant-garde yet unabashedly catchy. 

'T.S.G II,' a 12-track release, is now available for as a free digital download. A limited edition release of pink transparent cassettes ($10.00) includes both 'T.S.G II' and 2012's 'T.S.G I,’ equating to 24 tracks in total. 

SLEEVES was founded in New Orleans by composer/producer Callum Plews in 2010. Almost exclusively an ‘internet-band,’ the 4-piece group has focused on crafting ‘art-pop’ records, collaborating with other musicians, and creating powerful forms of visual imagery. Their latest record reflects a newfound maturity and confidence reminiscent of Arcade Fire, Joanna Newsom, Los Campesinos!, and Xiu Xiu (Callum is in fact working on post-production for an upcoming release from member Angela Seo.) 

As lead singer Tabitha Wertheim croons on the album’s opening track “Take me at my last thought, knew it in the car park, show me how to make a mistake…” we are reminded of our own personal histories: lost friends, self-doubt, and how we deal with growing old. T.S.G II is an intensely vivid exploration of the balance between painful nostalgia and an optimistic future.  

What others are saying about SLEEVES:

"(SLEEVES) has taken the concept of folk and wrapped it up in dreamy spires which loom above the clouds."

- Indie Bands Blog

“’Layered and swirling around the otherworldly vocals of Kim Schulke, SLEEVES manage to create a sound that somehow sounds as though it is finding its way through the hallways of the past while sounding completely and unabashedly modern.”


“Ethereal, spacey, trippy, experimental, folky, quirky, and delightfully strange New York/Boston band (or perhaps I should say art project, because “band” doesn’t quite seem to cut it for these guys.)”

-Julie Stoller, Musings From Boston 

“They evince a confident restraint in phrasing, as though they have all the time in the world at their disposal, rather than seeming desperate to get to the end of the songs without letting you catch your breath; they’re also capable of rhythmic insistence when that’s what they want to do.”

-Oliver Arditi,

The Sky Ghost II by SLEEVES is now available for streaming or download from their website:

contact : / 847-525-4934

SLEEVES is Callum Plews, Kim Schulke, Justice Hill, Tabitha Wertheim, and Tom Shani. 

new single from the AC tracked mixtape ‘BLK FRIDAY,’ dropping sometime this month.