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hi. i normally refrain from making lengthy statements on this website, but i think some personal updates might be of interest to my friends/fans/supporters (whomever they may be. are you out there, fans?)

the past few months : i graduated Northeastern and am now preparing for my masters degree from NYU Steinhardt. feels like i’m climbing the mount kilimanjaro of higher education. i’m nervous. i won’t have anywhere to live until mid sept so i’ll be staying in a hostel and attending classes. that’s going to be kinda weird. sort of reminds me of that book by Sylvia Plath.

there’s a lot i’m going to miss about Boston. my friends and my job mostly. being a sound guy/event manager has been wonderful gig. i went from a C+ live sound engineer to a solid B/B+ one, and met a ton of fantastic people in the process. i got to work sound for Kevin Devine which was an honor. before the show he approached me and said ‘you’re callum, right?’ ‘DUDE. YES.’

i learned so much from my top notch sound engineer co-workers and friends. remember how in ‘Space Jam’ all of the basketball players have their talent transplanted to the aliens via a magic basketball? i’ve internalized sound tips/tricks/advice from many engineers in a similar way. if you find yourself listening to one of my recordings and thinking ‘how was that effect achieved?’ there’s a good chance i learned it from you. thanks! 

Mark Gilday, Moth Vegas, and ATlas BLK have been the best artists i’ve worked with here. good people, good music. i wish them the best of luck and my sincerest thanks for entrusting me to record/or release their music. 

my band (SLEEVES) was founded in New Orleans but really matured in Boston. it’s recent disintegration has been completely natural. Tabitha moved to California, Kim is in Baltimore, and Justice will be remaining in Boston (we will continue to collaborate.) 

in retrospect, i achieved exactly what i wanted with SLEEVES : to make lyrically driven pop music that achieved very mild recognition and could potentially be labelled as ‘original.’ it was very kind when ‘musings from boston’ labelled us an ‘art project’ instead of a ‘band.’ 

although TSG1 was folk based and TSG2 electronic based - they are unified through their approach to sound experimentation. i had a lot of fun. i’m happy (not ecstatic) with the blog press from both albums and am contented with the number of downloads. i swear it went viral in the Philippines for like, a second. that’s pretty cool. theres got to be a kid somewhere listening to the full TSG on headphones, locked in their bedroom, crying, maybe eating cheetos. thanks, kid. 

sink \ sink is another group that i worked with after i first moved to Boston. the primary songwriter, Gareth, is based in New Zealand so it was a long distance collaboration. i learned A LOT about recording and lyricism from that project. i think i crafted some real lyrical gems too (“I was just a kid, you told me not to aim for the stars. Instead look both ways, watch out for the buses and the cars.”) Watch for Gareth’s newest band, ‘Ancient Tapes.’

the future : ATlas BLK is dropping a mixtape that i recorded last summer, soon. he keeps changing the dates so i’m not exactly sure when. sometime. he’s by the far the most hyped artist i’ve worked with yet, so be on the lookout. Justice Hill (SLEEVES) is also dropping his debut EP which is sounding great. dude has been perfecting his genre since i met him 4 years ago and what he has created is admirable. 

i spent some time in Chicago this summer where i worked on 4 very short, ambient pop tracks. no idea when i’m going to release those, if ever. i am planning on releasing all of my experimental compositions at some point, the most exciting one being ‘Dhalgren.’ i premiered it at my senior capstone concert a few months ago : a 10 minute epic shit-storm, mixed and mastered for 8 speakers .. by far my most insane composition, my best, and one that i will continue to perfect at Steinhardt this Fall. 

finally i’m working post-production audio for the score to a short music-film project titled ‘Carnal Orient.’ Angela Seo from Xiu Xiu is composing it and i’m very excited to be a part of the team. Xiu Xiu has been my number one favorite band since high school so it’s fantastic that i’ve gotten the chance to do this.

from heinous Allston parties to snowy evenings working in Northeastern’s venue afterHOURS, my past 4 years here have been grand. sure, i sacrificed some relationships via sitting in front of my computer writing sad-pop songs, mixing hours on end, and composing songs using the sounds of a door opening. sometimes i regret the potential hours i lost with people because i was too busy working on music. but all those hours have stacked to create something that i believe is tangible and perhaps meaningful. 

Thank You so much for listening to my music/any project i’ve worked on. the fact that you are even on this website, reading this, is a minor miracle. 

all the best & be well! 


a million thanks to our favorite music blog, Allston Pudding, for adding ‘Kishin’ (SLEEVES) to the ‘LOCALZ ONLY JULY MIXTAPE' : )) 

SLEEVES member Justice Hill is preparing to release his EP this Fall. Here are two new singles. 



Thanks 2 Sound Of Boston for featuring PCT on their ‘Local Act Collection' playlist !

(listed under ‘sleeves’) plus some other cool free downloads : here 


HELP BACK THIS INCREDIBLE PROJECT!! Updated 7.15 - 117% FUNDED!! Thank You! Very excited to be mastering the score this Fall. 

Carnal Orient -- Kicktraq Mini